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We compose music for sync

We love making music for film, TV, art projects and commercials - everything visual. If you are contemplating using our music in your project, we recommend our songs in the sync cataloges in the links below, or feel free to contact us directly for custom compositions or suggestions from our catalogue.
Examples of where our music is featured:
Every family has a secret, SBS One (Australia)

The Gamer, documentary (Finland)

Mary - Kronprinsesse med hjertet, TV2 (Denmark)

518 piger, TV2 (Denmark)

Ups, vi er voksne, TV2 (Denmark)

Unge lovende, NRK (Norway)

Line dater Norge, NRK (Norway)

TV2-sporten, TV2 (Norway)

KGJS: D-Class, commercial (Norway)

Visit Norway, commercial (Norway)

Dødens Drænge, DR (Denmark)

Sporløs, DR (Denmark)

Atlantin Yli, Discovery+ (Finland)

Hvem styrer ditt liv, DR (Denmark)

Hvor går grænsen, DR (Denmark)

Bachelor, TV2 (Denmark)

Atlantin jälkeen, TV5 (Finland)

Klassen, DR (Denmark)

Skargards, commercial (Sweden)

Et sted, to verdener, DR (Denmark)

Dansk teater 300 år, DR (Denmark)

Sync catalogs where you can find our music:
Our album "Wavy Pop Haze" made for the sync label StereoRoyal, can be listened to and downloaded here: StereoRoyal - Kjærleik, Wavy Pop haze
...and via Upright Music: Upright Music - Kjærleik, Wavy Pop Haze
A long list of our songs are available via EKKO songs - Norway’s finest sync catalog:

We suggest checking out our album "Wavy Pop Haze" made for the sync label StereoRoyal. They describe it as:
"Melancholic nightlife from ground to sky. Dreamy vocal textures over soothing city beats. Misty urban sounds floating down the boulevard. Retro-futuristic pop layered with hazy synth lines, sharp electronic drums and heavily processed vocal textures defines the album.⁠ Wavy Pop Haze combines dreamy and nostalgic moods with modern production techniques resulting in something that is undeniably warm and familiar, while maintaining a mysterious edginess that’s easy to fall in love with." 

Some of the songs from Wavy Pop Haze:


Espen Andersen:  +47 410 18 948

Andreas Wallevik: +47 901 37 883

Maren Saxe:         +47 988 57 734

Visit us at:

Havnelageret studio

Havnelageret skur 24 
5006 Bergen 

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